Paramount Radio Communications has been supplying radio equipment and services to various NHS hospitals for a number of years. We appreciate that when it comes to the nation’s hospitals it is imperative that the highest level of service is provided so as to ensure critical communications are working at all times.


One such example is the Royal Free NHS Trust which encompasses the Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals. The incumbent system at the Royal Free was not providing sufficient coverage in many important areas of the building so our engineering team was called in to provide a workable solution. After providing an extensive survey and mindful of keeping costs to the NHS to a minimum, we re-designed the system by installing additional aerials in key areas which ensured the hospital could receive reliable, clear audio across the site. This was then backed up with a 24 hour maintenance support package to cover the legacy Motorola DP3400 radios. These were subsequently later replaced by the smaller, lighter and more staff suitable Hytera PD505 portables.


When the paging system at Chase Farm Hospital failed, the Hospital unexpectedly found themselves without critical resilient communications. Following the success of our support package at the Royal Free, we were tasked with providing a solution for Chase Farm as quickly as possible. Later that day, we ensured 40 Hytera PD505 radios arrived on site to provide reliable communications for NHS staff and contractors. Due to the success of this efficient radio system, the Hospital subsequently moved away from the legacy paging system and many of those original radios are still in use today.


Having proven our technical ability at the Royal Free and support services at Chase Farm, we were duly called in to provide a working radio solution at the newly built Barnet Hospital. Given the layout of the buildings and the locations of key medical equipment within, the site provided a challenge to our engineering team. However, after an extensive survey we were able to overcome these challenges and design and install a working system encompassing the compact Hytera RD625 repeater unit and PD505 portable radios.

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