The Crystal Maze Case Study

We present The Crystal Maze Case Study, a new live experience venue in Leicester Square, where we designed a complex communication system. Based in the heart of London, we well accommodate in day to day requirements of such venues.

First, the venue not only needed a radio system with high coverage, whilst connected with an audio talkback system. So in that way, the game host knew how much time to spend in each rooms. Also, this system included multiple digital channels. As a matter of fact, it was crucial for every departments to communicate without interruption or interference.

Following several tests, trials and site surveys, we designed a bespoke mixed digital and analogue system for the client. Indeed, this system utilised several combined repeaters whilst mixing audio playing on loop via an analogue talkback channel. Thus, Crystal Maze had day to day communications via digital signal with a clear, distinct audio quality. Whilst also allowing the analogue audio playback for any automated recordings. This bespoke system placed in a custom-built cabinet, saved space and ensured extra protection.

Next, our dedicated team engineered the antenna system along with OFCOM technically assigned radio frequencies to guarantee excellent coverage across the whole venue. We then supplied staff with their preferred brand of handheld radio, Hytera PD505. Indeed, this compact, lightweight and robust allows effective communications across every department from the touch of a button.

Finally, our team completed the service by supplying a comprehensive system maintenance package to the client so all on-going operations were covered. To end The Crystal Maze Case Study, the venue was more than satisfied with their new radio communication system. The cutting-edge technology supplied increased the efficiency of their operations in respect with the Health and Safety measures too. For further information, please Contact Us.

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