Paramount Releases Brand New Two-Way Radio: Hytera HR655

We are excited to announce that Hytera releases Hytera HR655!

Hytera’s latest radio is a powerful and flexible Digital Multi-User Radio System repeater (DMR). The next generation DMR repeater increases the range of your DMR radios’ communications. As a matter of fact, Hytera brand new Two-Way Radio has the option of being portable or a fixed unit. Simultaneously operating mounted to a wall or powered by a main supply. The HR655 significantly saves room due to the small body and integrated duplexer.

On top of that, Hytera releases Hytera HR655 with an advanced design increasing the performance rate of your team to connect in immediate effect. It enables communication connections wherever needed. It is a great choice for lodging facilities, commercial buildings, grocery stores, industrial parks, and more.

The HR655 also works in the case of a power loss since it is built to function on an AC power supply or an optional battery. The battery serves as a backup once connected to the AC power supply. In spite of that, our engineering’s team provide a full maintenance service by installing the product according to the customers requirements too.

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