Motorola Launch Four New Products

Motorola Launch Four New Products

18 May 15
Industry news

IMPRES Temple Transducer Headset for the DP3441 & DP2000 Series Radios (PMLN6759).

This new headset converts received audio into minute vibrations that are transferred through the bones of the inner ear. This allows users to hear messages clearly but leaves the ears uncovered to listen to noise or conversations taking place around them. It also features an in-line PTT button and boom microphone so the user can easily make calls and is comfortable for operation over long periods.


MagOne Breeze Headset for DP3441 & DP2000 Series Radios (PMLN6761) .

MagOne is the only value brand designed, tested and certified by Motorola. This new lightweight headset with single earpiece, boom microphone and in-line PTT button provides easy and comfortable operation to the user. The headband fits neatly around the back of the head for long hours of comfort.


 Wireless Surveillance Kit with Acoustic Tube for DP3000, DP3441, DP4000 & SL4000 Series Radios (PMLN7052) 

A 1 wire solution compatible with the operations critical wireless fast PTT module. Users can communicate discreetly with colleagues, even in noisy or busy spaces, making it an ideal solution for security and undercover professionals. The surveillance kit features an in-line microphone with a single-wire acoustic tube and allows the PTT module to be hidden under the user's clothing.


TIA4950 Intrinsically Safe IMPRES Battery Solutions for DP4000 Series Radios (NNTN8560)

 This new IMPRES 2500mAh Li-Ion Battery meets TIA4950 intrinsically safe standard and provides up to 20 hours operation.