Hytera Bodycams

Hytera Bodycams

13 Sep 19
Industry news


Body-worn cameras are helping security personnel everywhere to protect not only themselves but the organisations they work for and members of the public they serve. Capturing vital evidence in the field is becoming more and more important as organisations turn to the bodycam products with the best recording capabilities, most rugged and ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology, which is where Hytera’s Remote Video Microphone (bodycam) range comes in.

Unlike any other bodycam on the market, Hytera’s RVM will not only capture and securely store high-definition video, images and audio, but also integrate seamlessly with existing Hytera radios as a remote speaker microphone, ensuring security and law enforcement personnel aren’t carrying unnecessary equipment. When used with Hytera’s purpose-designed software solutions for secure, efficient and synchronised management of evidence, RVMs are the perfect tool for any security team, no matter the size, to protect themselves and everyone around them.

Choosing the correct Bodycam for your requirements is essential, but with the full range of Hytera solutions there is a product to meet all needs and budgets.

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