New Technology Changes the Game for Large Outdoor Events

New Technology Changes the Game for Large Outdoor Events

25 Apr 18
Industry news

There are a lot of benefits to two way radios, the speed and simplicity of sending a message allowing vital information to be sent to groups of people in the most efficient of ways.

However there have always been flaws to the two way radio systems especially when trying to cover large areas and events. With the importance of communications and security ever growing here at Paramount we have been looking for solutions to this long time issue for a while. While mobile phones are the obvious choice for distance coverage, the major limitation of only being able to contact one person at a time is a massive problem.

So why not just combine the best features of both?!!!

Cellular Radios are the answer to all your problems! These radios have all the efficiency benefits of a standard two way radio system however they work off the worldwide 3G network coverage rather than radio waves.
Two way radio over cellular, also known as PTT over cellular, works much like a regular two way radio except instead of using expensive infrastructure, the standard cellular 3G mobile phone network is used which enables the workforce to use their two way radio anywhere there's a mobile phone signal.

There is no infrastructure needed, its as simple as turn on the radio and your good too go. No base stations are aerials needed to be put in the perfect place for both coverage as well as aesthetics.

These radios are a game changer, especially as we go in to the large outdoor summer events and festival season.

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