Paramount Introduces Cellular (POC) Radios to Hire Fleet

Paramount Introduces Cellular (POC) Radios to Hire Fleet

27 Sep 19
Industry news

These radios are perfect for anyone doing events over a wide area where coverage would in the past have required additional equipment to ensure that it reached all areas of the site.

These radios combine the best of traditional PTT with the power of push-to-talk over cellular.

Cellular radios remove the need for complex infrastructures and instead replace with technology that will cover across an international field straight out of the box, no systems, no additional programming just straight forward switch on and communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Benefits to Cellular (PoC) Radios
• Wide range coverage that can reach not just locally, but nationally straight out of the box eliminating the need for complex systems, aerials & repeaters therefore saving you from additional costs
• Simple to use, Once programmed by Paramount all you have to do is turn on the unit and start the call by pushing the PTT (push-to-talk) button and you'll be able to communicate with your team nationwide.
• Multi Sim Roaming that ensures you get the strongest signal from wherever you are.
• Removes the need for costly radio licenses and potential channel interference from other radio users
• Supplied with a Dispatcher software for the control room computer which allows you to do GPS tracking, One to One calling & Emergency Alerts.

Benefits of our hire radio
Work over both 4G and WiFi networks and the radio self scans to connect to the strongest signal.
• Can connect existing Digital radios to the Cellular radios*
• Battery lasts up to 23 hours from one charge
• Ultra robust and IP68 Rating
• Easy to use, works exactly the same as traditional digital radios
• Small & Lightweight
• Offers traditional radio features including emergency button / Man Down etc

For more information about the radio we offer in hire please Click Here, or for more information please Contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries.