Paramount Supports NHS During Covid-19 Crisis & Features On BBC Show

Paramount Supports NHS During Covid-19 Crisis & Features On BBC Show

29 Apr 20
Industry news

Paramount are proud to announce that we have been supporting out fantastic NHS in their on-going battle with coronavirus by supplying radio equipment to a number of hospitals. In one such instance, over 100 Hytera PD505 radios have been supplied to The Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust for use in their IC units. These radios featured prominantely in the BBC One documentary series 'Hospital'.

Due to the amount of PPE being worn, it's not possible for front line staff to use regular phones so our radios have been essential in providing instant communication, enabling them to respond quickly to emergencies and save lives. One NHS worker explains further: "We've got a walkie talkie for each theatre. We've always got to make sure that someone is manning at all times so if we need to get certain medications from outside of theatre and if I've got any concerns of patient deterioration and I need help very quickly, then I'll escalate that through the walkie talkie."

Paramount staff have also seen first hand just how crucial radios have been in the fight against the virus. Often visiting hospitals to carry out essential works to key equipment.

Sales Director Paul Rawlings explains: "Many hospitals have needed to expand their radio system in order to accommodate the increased radio traffic being used in the ICU areas. In order to accomplish this we have supplied them with additional channels and provided an on-site service so that these new channels can be programmed in to the radios as quickly as possible for immediate deployment to those that need them. We are frankly in awe of the fantastic work the NHS do and could not be prouder to support their work in any way we can."

Click HERE to visit our Insta page to see more images of the radios being used on the show.

Paramount were also proud to see that another of our clients arranged the giant illuminated NHS blue heart on top of their building in London to show support for our carers.