Paramount supports NHS on BBC One

We supplied over a hundred of Hytera PD505 Two-Way Radios to The Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust for use in their IC units!

Radios we provided to the NHS featured prominently in the BBC One documentary, ‘Hospital’. Due to the amount of PPE worn, our radios have been essential in providing immediate communication. This enabled staff to respond quicker to emergencies and save lives.

Paramount Radio work members witnessed first hand how crucial radios have been in the fight against the virus. Actually, our team visited hospitals to carry out essential work on telecommunications equipment for each staff member in the NHS. From the ambulance to the doctors on duty, the NHS required trustworthy and nearly immediate communication.

Along with a man down functionality designed to safeguard employees. So if someone tripped and become incapacitated, their radio send an alert other users or the control centre, to then raise an intervention. Therefore our Two-Way Radios features an emergency button for lone worker protection and fast help.

In their own words

Paramount supports NHS on BBC One as one NHS worker explains: “We’ve got a walkie talkie for each theatre. We’ve always got to make sure that someone is manning at all times. So if we need certain medications from outside of theatre for any concerns on a patient deterioration. If I need help quickly, then I’ll escalate that through the walkie talkie.”

Paramount’s Director Paul Rawlings explains: “Many hospitals needed to expand their radio system in order to accommodate the increased radio traffic used in the ICU areas. In order to accomplish this, we have supplied them with additional channels and an on-site service. So that these new channels can be programmed in the radios as quickly as possible for immediate deployment to those in need. We are frankly in awe of the fantastic work the NHS do and could not be prouder to support their work in any way we can.”

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