Hytera AP515 Handheld Two-Way Radio

Description and Features

Hytera AP515 Two-Way Radio is the ideal option for immediate and extensive communication. In fact, it comes equipped with a powerful 3W speaker, these sleek and lightweight radios provide clear and loud audio. Whilst ensuring effective communication even in noisy surroundings. For instance, this analogue radio is suitable for festivals or events with a large crowd. The device also comes with a brand-new radio frequency scheme and antenna design.

Despite its compact design, the Hytera AP515 boasts an impressive 18-hour battery life. With USB Type C connectivity, the device can reach a 95% charge within 2.5 hours and achieve full charge in just 3.15 hours. Therefore, it offers extensive range as well as a variety of function improving productivity and efficiency. Therefore, AP515 Radio guarantees seamless connectivity and increased productivity for ever member of your team and business.

On top of that, the type-C USB charging capability allows for convenient and fast charging anywhere your team goes. Which includes portable chargers (a power bank). So, this accessibility enables convenient and rapid charging using standard USB cables, power supply units, or even USB power banks. Please contact us for more information.

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