Hytera BD615 Digital Two-Way Radio

Description and Features

First, Hytera BD615 Two-Way Radio stands out as a compact, rugged, and the top choice among IP66-rated devices. It also carries the impressive capabilities of the discontinued TC6 series. Thus it ensures professional-grade communication that’s both user-friendly and highly dependable.

Additionally, it comes with a centrally located high gain antenna to enhance transmission and reception. There is a combined power on/off, volume knob, along with 16-position channel knobs. Also, the 2-pin audio accessory socket comes with a programmable button for a number of functions. Plus, after required programming, the two-way radio can be used as a speaker with the microphone located in the front of the radio.

Moreover, with MIL-STD-810 G and IP66 tests, the BD615 is well-suited for challenging conditions as continuous exposure to water and dust. Indeed, the product works in temperatures as low as -30°C through to 60°C. Next the radio has a long operating time, with 16 hours (1500mAh) or 22 hours (2000mAh) in 5-5-90 mode.

Finally, BD615 is suitable with a wide array of accessories, many are interchangeable with the BD5, PD4, and PD5 series. Therefore, users can customize their communication devices to suit their specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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