Hytera BD615 Rugged Two-Way Radio

Description and Features

Hytera BD615 is firstly an innovative and rugged radio with a centrally located high gain antenna to enhance transmission and reception. There is a combined power on/off, volume knob, along with 16-position channel knobs.

Next, Hytera BD615  is a relatively compact radio standing. Additionally, BD615 is ensured through multiple military tests so it is reliable over various environmental conditions. In fact, the product works in temperatures as low as -30°C through to 60°C. Indeed, it is sealed against dust intrusion whilst safeguarded from submersion in water.

Furthermore , the 2-pin audio accessory socket comes with a programmable button for a number of functions. Plus, it can be used as a speaker with the microphone located in the front of the radio. Please Note – This function does require a dealer programming.

Altogether, with a DMR, adopted digital encoding and error correcting module (Anti-interference system) users can listen to communication activities on other channels.

Technical Information

  • Dual Mode: Analogue and Digital
  • Long working time: 16 hours (1500mAh) or 22 hours (2000mAh) in 5-5-90 mode
  • Durable and reliable:  MIL-STD-810 G and IP66 tested
  • Repeater operation: Utilize a DMR Tier II repeater to extend your communication range.
  • Dimensions: (HxWXD) 108mm x 54mm x 29mm
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