Hytera HR655 Digital Two-Way Radio

Descriptions and Features

The HR655 is a powerful and flexible Digital Multi-User Radio System (DMR) repeater  used as a portable or fixed unit. It can be mounted to a wall or powered by a mains supply. It has a flexible design allowing users to connect, offering better performance.

Then, this latest Hytera Radio comes with various smart features that add value to a communications system. Its internal battery provides up to 9 hours of operation, and often used as a backup in case the mains supply fails. It also switches between digital and analogue modes, depending on the call type received.

Finally, the radio can also operate on its own power supply using a 12.5Ah lithium ion battery. This feature allows a full duty cycle, which is equivalent to 25W of power. With an IP Rating of IP54, and a frequency range 400-470 MHz.

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