Hytera MD655 Digital Licenced Mobile Two Way Radio

Safe & Easy Operating

The MD655 is a digital mobile radio from Hytera. The radio is able be used both on a desktop or mounted in a vehicle, excelling through simple operation due to the handheld microphone it is supplied with. The handheld microphone has an LCD display, this featuring both the channel number that the radio is transmitting on and the zone number. A channel capacity of 1024 provides sufficient communications capabilities for an expanding business. A G version of this radio is available, this allowing for global positioning system (GPS) to be used in order to improve both control and safety.

Built to Military Standards (MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G) ensures the Hytera MD655’s reliability in a variety of different environmental conditions, continuing to operate seamlessly from as low as -30°C all the way through to 60°C. The Hytera MD655 is also capable of sending pre-programmed text messages and group messages, whilst also offering three different types of analogue signalling types in HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone dialling.

The Hytera MD655 makes use of a Lone Worker feature that monitors activity levels of the radio, whereby should it not be operated for a pre-set period of time then a sound will be played from the radio, if this is then not responded to an alert will be sent to either the base station or other radios within the fleet. Standing at 46mm in height, 165mm in depth and 140mm in height the Hytera MD655 is a compact radio, this is addition to the fact that the unit itself weighs just over 1kg.

Hytera MD655 Programming
The Hytera MD655 is available in two different versions: VHF and UHF. Which you should choose very much depends on your own requirements. See the information below. If you’re unsure, we can help with this. Please contact us by calling 020 7288 6370 or email sales@paramountcomms.co.uk.

Pre-programmed Frequencies
When purchased from Paramount, The UHF Hytera MD655 can be supplied and programmed on the three published frequencies: 449.3125, 449.4000 & 449.4750 Mhz. The VHF Hytera MD655 will be supplied preprogrammed on the 7 available published VHF frequencies: 164.0500, 164.0625, 169.0875, 169.3125, 173.0500, 173.1625 & 163.0875 Mhz. This allows you to purchase a Simple UK licence and ensure that the Hytera MD655 will work out of the box.

If you hold, or are purchasing, a Simple Site, Technically Assigned or any other licence, we will program the radio to your assigned frequencies.

What’s Included In The Hytera MD655 Box:
Hytera MD655 Radio
Hytera SM25A1 Display Microphone
Hytera Microphone Hanger & Screws
Hytera POA33 Fuse
Hytera BRK08 Mounting Bracket Trunnion
Hytera PWC10 Power Cord

Technical Information
SKU: MD655
Band (VHF or UHF): UHF, VHF
Emergency Button: Yes
Channels: 1024
Analogue or Digital: Digital
Signalling Type: CTCSS, DCS, DMR
Lone Worker: Yes (Built In)
GPS: Yes (Optional Extra)
Type / Group: Digital Licenced Mobile Radio
Weight: 2kg
Brand: Hytera
Model: MD655
Manufacturer Part Number: MD655

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£312.00 (ex. VAT)

SKU: MD655 Category: Brand:
Lightweight, Sleek and Stylish: Only 165x46x140mm in size and weighs a mere 1.05kg (including smart microphone).
Remote Control: All operations are done via the microphone and are easy to use and control.
Selectable RF Power Output: Continuously adjustable from 1W to 25W.
Superior Voice Quality: Uses narrowband codec and digital error-correction technologies for superior voice clarity in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area. Also includes AGC technology for optimising voice input and output.
Advanced Signalling: Supports multiple advanced analogue signalling modes, including HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone for better integration into existing analogue radio fleets.
Versatile Services: In addition to conventional communication services, MD65X features rich data services and selectable functions such as: Text Message, Telemetry, Emergency, OATP and GPS.
DMO True 2-Slot: In DMO mode, Hytera provides 2-slot communication which allows for two talk channels on a single frequency.