Hytera PD365 Digital Two-Way Radio

Affordable Radio In Smartphone Format

First, Hytera PD365 Two-Way Radio is a pocket sized radio with many sought features placed into a smaller body. Thanks to its light weight and small format, the PD365 is ideal for use in a variety of working environments such as retail, hospitality, education, and more.

Additionally, a function that hasn’t been implemented in any other radio, the wireless charge. Thus, simply place the Hytera PD365 on the POA113 for charge. There are also many features as Quick Text Message. Which is a possibility allowing for any users to send pre-programmed texts to a colleague, some common messages programmed into these radios include “Job Complete” or “Arrived at Location”.

Then, Hytera PD365 has the ability to transmit using voice activation (VOX) when using compatible accessories, this means in instances where use of the hands isn’t possible the user is still able to relay information to colleagues.

Finally, the radio features channel scanning. In fact, it continuously skipping through channels on the lookout for ongoing transmissions until found. The radio also has a scrambler and digital encryption erasing all risks of eavesdropping on conversations. Therefore this makes the radio ideal for environments where sensitive information are shared between workers.

Emergency Situation Features

The first feature programmed is an emergency alarm. So, the radio will automatically sends an alert to other radios within the network when a user enter a high risk situation. Another optional functionality is Priority Interrupt for emergency situations, cutting short any ongoing transmissions. As well as, an urgent message reaching everyone at the same time.

Those features are optional, yet recommended for those working in hazardous or high risk zone. Consequently, your team would be ready as the radios help for fast evacuation, or fast response.

Technical Information

  • Brand: Hytera
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PD365
  • Group/Type: Digital Licenced Handheld Radio
  • Display: Yes
  • Frequency Band: UHF
  • Channels: 256
  • Signalling Type: DMR
  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Warranty: 2 year

Included In The Box

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