Hytera PD405 Digital Two-Way Radio

Description and Features

Firstly, Hytera PD405 Two-Way Radio offers fast channel scan as well as uninterrupted voice communication. Plus, the IP55 intrinsically rated guarantees a high resistance to dust and water.

Additionally, the battery provided of 1500mAh Li-Ion operates for up to 14 hours. However, for longer operations we recommend the 2000mAh battery. Also,  this device has a 32 channel capacity used in larger scaled operations without different divisions clashing.

Moreover, the PD405 has many functions available via the press of a single button. For example, it identifies if a person is in a dangerous situation, then locates them in less than a minute. Along with that, Voice Operated Transmit (VOX) allows you to trigger the voice transmission by voice directly. And a suitable DMRA Direct Mode TDMA (True 2-slot), which supports two voice calls simultaneously.

Finally, the roaming function transfers site to other radios in different locations. Although if they are all on the same frequencies. Then, pre-programmed messages helps with faster communication, or to simply put out a message to the fleet of radios. 

Technical Information

  • Brand: Hytera
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PD405
  • Group/Type: Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio
  • Display: Non-display
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Height (mm): 112 x Width (mm): 54 x Depth (mm): 28
  • Lone Worker: Yes (Built-In)

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