Hytera PD415 Digital Two-Way Radio


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Analogue to Digital Migration Radio

To begin with, Hytera PD415 Two-Way Radio is available in both UHF or VHF frequencies. Even more with a black box design, the simple aesthetically having the ability to perform many complex functions. On top of that this radio has 48 channels split over 3 zones with 16 channels in each zone. In doing so, the channels and zones split between different sectors of your workforce.

Despite being both analogue and digital compatible, the digital frequencies have exceptional sound and voice quality. Plus another positive of an analogue/digital radio used for system migration, while changing over from an digital set of radios alongside analogue radios until you have fully transitioned to digital.

Additionally, in large enterprises or companies where workers don’t necessarily need to be in communication with engineers. Then, Hytera PD415 has basic digital encryption meaning that conversations are safe from eavesdropping. So any potentially sensitive subjects remain private to only the people who need to hear them. 

Finally as previously mentioned the PD415 standard battery with a 1500mAh Li-Ion capacity. With this in mind, the standard usage time of 12 hours when performing on analogue and 16 hours while on digital. To that end, the radio can be easily carried via the use of a belt clip or hand strap with no strain to the user.

Description and Features

  • Abundant Voice Call: Voice communication includes private, group and all type of calls
  • Rugged & Reliable: PD415 walkie talkie compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards & IP54.
  • Small, Sleek, Light: With dual-colour injection, 112×55×31mm and weighs only 270g.
  • Supports One Touch features that comprise of Voice Calls and Pre-programmed Text Messages
  • VOX (Voice-operated Transmit) feature allows you to trigger the voice transmission by voice directly rather than PTT. 
  • API allows third party partner to further develop other helpful applications to extend the radio RFID functionalities.
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Hytera PD415 Digital Two-Way Radio

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