Hytera PD685 Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio


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Feature Rich and Compact

To begin with, Hytera PD685 Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio comes in analogue and digital mode.  It is often a popular choice across many industries. It also comes with a LCD screen and full keypad, it stands at 122 mm in height, 54 mm in width and 27 mm in depth.

The standard 1500mAh Li-Ion battery that comes with the radio weights 310g and holds a 16 hour battery duration. In case extra battery life, we recommend a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery, with the capacity to last up to 22 hours in digital mode.

Built to IP67 standards, PD685 is entirely resistant to dust. Whilst also functioning after it submerged under 1 m of water for up to 30 minutes. Hytera PD685 has safety features such as priority interrupt. It allows communications to be broken in order to put out an urgent message. (IP Site Connect, Remote Monitor and Roaming).

In addition, with 1024 channels split across 64 zones with each zone being capable of holding 256 channels. Three programmable buttons allow to make the use more suitable to the environment. Also, it offers a dual mode operation for a smooth analogue to digital migration. Finally, Hytera PD685 radio will enable/disable (only decode), remoter monitor (only decode) and priority interrupt.

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Description and Features

  • Better for providing secure communication, through basic/advanced digital encryption and scrambler feature in analogue mode.
  • The radio is supporting multiple advanced analogue signalling modes, including HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone. Also, it guarantees better integration into existing analogue radio fleets.
  • The reserved side port in PD685 allows Further Development Port, by enabling users or any third party partner develop other helpful applications with an extended radio functionalities, 
  • Also with its One Touch Call and Text, PD685 walkie-talkie is supporting input 256 character message via keyboard and pre-programmed messages too.
  • Radio Priority-Based Interruption, enable an administration or manager radio to interrupt calls for emergency or urgent communication.

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