Hytera PD785 Digital Two-Way Radio


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Versatile Digital Portable Two-Way Radio

Hytera PD785 is a stylish, compact and lightweight digital and analogue capable walkie talkie two way radio that supports up to 48 selectable channels and 3 zones. In all modes, the Hytera PD785 supports channel change voice notification, emergency function and mixed-mode channel scan (digital and analogue mixed). The Hytera PD785 walkie talkie is IP67 compliant and conforms to MIL-STD-810 F military standards to ensure outstanding performance in harsh environments.

In analogue mode, the PD785 supports 12.5/20/25 selectable channel spacing, HDC1200, 5 tone and 2 Tone signalling and scrambler function.

Digital features include Priority Interrupt, Channel Scan supporting mixed mode scanning (Analogue & Digital channel), Basic Digital Encryption, Digital Voice Call Function, pre-programmed Digital Text Messages, Remote Monitor, Radio Enable/disable, Call Alert & Lone Worker.

Without any need for supplementary software, the Hytera PD785 allows pseudo-trunking mode. This will enable the PD785 to choose a free time slot to enable multiple calls on different talk groups / channels at the same time.

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Description and Features

  • IP57 Build Quality: The Hytera PD785 is submersible, rugged and reliable.
  • Digital And Analogue Capable: The Hytera PD785 can operate in both analogue or digital mode.
  • 1024 Channels
  • Auto Sense: The Hytera PD785 switches between digital and analogue transmissions without changing channel.
  • MIL-STD-810 F: military standards for performance in harsh environments.
  • GPS (Optional): on the Hytera PD785G version only.
  • Man Down or Loan Worker Function: for extra protection when working alone.
  • Emergency Button: to alert supervisor or dispatcher in an emergency situation.


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