Hytera PNC370 PTT Over Cellular Digital Two Way Radio

Compact and easy to use (PoC) solution for instant communication

The PNC370 is a push to talk over cellular radio from Hytera. This radio doesn’t operate using UHF or VHF frequencies, it uses modern technology to transmit and recieve using 3G, 4G or WiFi signals allowing for your communications to reach as far as the opposite side of the country instantly. Standing at a height of 121mm, width of 55.5mm and 24mm in depth the Hytera PNC370 is a compact radio that comfortably fits into the palm of the hand. The radio weighs in at 185g with the 3100mAh Li-Ion battery attached, this battery will provide up to 18 hours of use when used in a 5-5-90 working cycle.

The Hytera PNC370 runs using the Android 5.1 operating system with hardware such as a 1.1GHz Quad-Core processor and 512Mb of RAM. In order for the radio to operate a SIM card is required, the one capable of fitting the PNC370 is a Micro Sim (12x15mm), the same that is used in most modern smart mobile phones. This radio also has use of Bluetooth 4.1 allowing for the connection of supported accessories, this whilst also having a GPS positioning system meaning that operators and radios can be monitored to improve both safety and efficiency.

Built to IP55 standards, this means that the PNC370 has a limited protection against dust whilst also being safeguarded against jets of water from all angles. The PNC370 is secure to MIL-STD-810 G meaning that it can continue operating even in some of the toughest weather or environmental conditions, being able to operate in temperatures from as low as -20°C through to 60°C. The PNC370 has a drop resistance of 1.2m, this means that even if dropped from the users pocket or hand the radio is tough enough to avoid any major damage.

What’s Included In The Hytera PNC370 Box:
Hytera PNC370 Radio
Hytera BL3101 Lithium-Ion Battery
Hytera BC08 Belt Clip
Hytera PS2404 USB Charging Lead

Technical Information
Display: Display
Band: Cellular / Wifi
Frequency Band: N/A
Channels: Unlimited
Analogue or Digital: Digital
Signalling Type: DMR
Charger: Included USB Charger 
Ingress Protection: IP54
Warranty: 2 years
Type / Group: Digital Cellular Handheld Radio
Height (mm): 121
Width (mm): 56
Depth (mm): 24
Weight 0.22kg
Brand: Hytera
Model: PNC370
Manufacturer Part Number: PNC370

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£220.00 (ex. VAT)

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Wide coverage with cellular network
Extend your workforce communication to anywhere with mobile 3G/4G coverage that is supported by the Micro-SIM.
Versatile voice call with good audio quality
Dual microphone noise suppression gurantees good audio quality for individual call, group call and emergency call.
Real-time Availability
Check the status of contacts in real-time (online & offline), providing clear information about team availability.
GPS Positioning & Real Time Clock
GPS within the Hytera PNC370 supports outdoor positioning and dispatching, as well as the RTC for displaying your call history.
Built-in Bluetooth & Wifi 
Built-in Bluetooth supports wireless connection with BT audio accessories releasing your hands and improving the effciency. Connection with WiFi networks to provide reliable communications, particularly indoors, whilst also saving on data costs.
LED Torch 
With One-touch operation.
Long Battery Life
The Hytera PNC370’s impressive battery capacity delivers a long working time, supported with Micro-USB charging to make it easy to charge anytime, anywhere.
Reliable and Durable
The Hytera PNC370 cellular radio is compliant with MIL-STD-810 G and IP55, delivering a long-lasting solution even in challenging environments.
Inclusive System
Integrated with the Android 8.1 system, the Hytera PNC370 provides higher compatibility and security performance. It can support multiple applications. Open API and SDK allow third party development of customised applications.
Unified Management Platform
Smart MDM provides unified management for the Hytera PNC370. It supports firmware upgrade, APP push and remote installation. It can also manage the authority of users. SmartMDM supports authentication and data encryption.
PoC Solution
Hytera provides a comprehensive PoC solution, including terminal, PoC APP, PoC platform, management and dispatch systems. PNC370 can implement versatile voice, video and data services over the public network. The dedicated PTT design makes it easy to initiate instant call anytime and anywhere.