Hytera TC-780 Analogue Handheld Two-Way Radio


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Description and Features

Firstly, Hytera TC-780 Two-Way Radio meets high analogue technology standards. So, this makes the radio a medium to high tier advanced communication tool. In fact, it comes with LCD battery gauge, numeric keypad, full frequency band, 256 channels, superior audio quality, and more.

Moreover, the lone worker option provides security and safety for individuals working remotely from their team. The radio also offers enhanced security system, thanks to the safety check which is an emergency procedure if users fail to respond to a safety check signal.

Additionally, the Built-In scrambler to reinforce the signal for extra transmission security. Even more, the Whisper Mode is a function that helps pick up even quite transmissions. Front Panel Programming display a menu and keypad allowing users to easily customise settings.

Plus, the device comes with a High Low Power Switchable, a switch from high to low power when communicating. For efficient communication and faster transmission, users have the option to edit messages via keypad or send pre-defined text messages.

Finally, the walkie talkie satisfies the users needs and delivers powerful functions, stable performance, and high price to performance ratio. It also adapts to the user environment, for instance it would send notifications in Vibrate Mode. The analogue device also features Battery Save, automatically activated whenever there is no activity on the channel allowing extended operation time.

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