Motorola Evolve Android LTE Wave PTX Handheld

Motorola Evolve is a full size handheld LTE android device that becomes a two-way radio via the Wave PTX system designed for use on the Motorola Wave PTX platform using the Wave PTX app. With the ability to operate via the use of both cellular and WiFi networks, this means that the Evolve offers worldwide communications cababilities providing that your radio has signal.

Running on an Android 10.0 operating system the Evolve is a device that users will get used to relitively quickly as it operates on the same platform as the majority of modern day smartphones. Internally the radio has 4GB of RAM meaning that all applications and the device itself with run smoothly even with constant use. 64GB of internal storage allows for images to be stored from either of the two cameras that the device has, this whilst also being able to store data such as messages, schematics and diagrams that can be sent between devices. Although 64GB is more than enough storage for the majority of users, this is expandable up to 128GB via the use of a micro-SD card.

As the Evolve is a cellular device this means that it requires a micro-SIM for operation via these networks. There are two SIM slots meaning that the user can have two seperate ID’s, with the operator or business having the choice between either private or public networks or two of the same. As the Evolve can operate via WiFi this means that a SIM card isn’t required although should you need to operate your radios away from a WiFi connection a SIM is necessary.

The Evolve has the look and feel of a modern day smartphone with a 5″ Gorilla Glass touchscreen display and 3 Android hard keys situated below for navigation. Standing at a height of 154mm, a width of 78mm, depth of 17mm whilst weighing just 350g means that the operator will feel little to no strain when using the Evolve for extended periods of time. Although the Evolve is a relitively slender device it has been built to withstand the elements passing the MIL-STD-810 G tests to ensure its reliability in a variety of environmental conditions. The Motorola Evolve also has an IP68 protection rating, this meaning that not only is the Evolve secured against dust intrusion but is also safeguarded from being submersed in water for extended periods of time.

There are many feature points of the Evolve that help with usability for the operator. There are three programmable buttons that can be mapped to regularly used features with one of them also doubling up as a lock/unlock key. As with all two-way radios there is a volume/power knob atop of the device, this alongside a channel rocker which allows for the user to flick up or down in order to change channels rather than the usual rotary knob that is seen on the more traditional style of radios. The Motorola Evolve is charged via a micro-USB cable plugged directly into a socket, although there is the option of a multi charger due to the Evolve having two external charging contact on the back of the device.

Included In The Box

The following items are included as standard.

  • 1x Evolve Radio
  • 1x USB Cable

Note: Anything not mentioned here is not included.

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£640.00 (ex. VAT)

Two Way Radio Bluetooth

Wireless two way radio accessories that utilise Bluetooth…

Bluetooth connectivity allows audio accessories to be connected to the radio wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Most manufacturers offer Bluetooth earpieces which are only suitable for their products. This is because they generally only want you to choose their accessories, but also because of the different ways their radios work.

It’s important to note that Bluetooth is only available on some models and must be taken at the point of purchase as it cannot be added later.