Motorola NTN5243A Carry Case Shoulder Strap

High quality genuine Motorola shoulder strap for use with Motorola two way radio cases. NTN5243A is a very high quality adjustable nylon strap with a quick release attachment at either end which enables you to quickly connect or disconnect from a two way radio case.

Compatible with the following Motorola cases:

HLN9665A – GP340/GP640 Case, No Swivel Belt Loop
HLN9652A (Discontinued)
HLN9676A – GP340/GP640 Case, With Swivel Belt Loop
HLN9670A (Discontinued)

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Motorola NTN5243A Carry Case Shoulder Strap
Part Number: NTN5243A
Adjustable Black Nylon Strap for cases with D rings
Material: Nylon
Attachment Type: N/A
Belt Swivel: N/A
Quick Release of Radio: Yes

Technical Information:
Intrinsically Safe ATEX
Material Nylon
Type / Group Carrying Solutions
Weight 0.0010
Brand Motorola
Model NTN5243A Shoulder Strap
Manufacturer Part Number NTN5243A