Motorola PARA-VANCHEADSET Value Ear Headset with Boom Mic

Technical Information

Motorola PARA-VANCHEADSET Value Ear Defending Headset with Boom Mic and PTT is compatible with the Motorola DP1400 Digital Two-Way Radio series. Please contact us for more information.

  • Brand: Motorola
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PARA-VANCHEADSET
  • Group/Type: Value Ear Headset with Boom Mic
  • Range of Downleads with optional in-line PTT
  • Comfortable to wear and fully adjustable
  • Bi-directional microphone for noise cancelling
  • Maximum attenuation 24dB
  • Rated speaker power of 100mW
  • Working temperature -20ºc to +70ºc
  • Weight: 450g


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