Motorola R7 Non-Keypad Handheld Two-Way Radio

Description and Features

Firstly, The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ R7 Non Keypad delivers loud, clear, and customizable audio in a durable and reliable device. In fact, the advanced audio processing ensures your voice is always heard, while its rugged design withstands the harshest conditions.

Additionally, designed and tested to meet MIL-STD-810 military standards, the Motorola R7 Non Keypad can handle any work condition. So, tested to IP66 and IP68 standards, these MOTOTRBO™ R7 radios are completely dust-tight, can withstand water immersion up to 2 meters for 2 hours, and can resist high-pressure water jets from any direction.

Moreover, the best radios are those that are easy to use, simple to manage, and durable in the field. Also powered by Lithium-Ion cells, the MOTOTRBO™ R7’s batteries are lightweight and compact, providing long usage times between charges.

Built to endure, its rugged construction is prepared for the most challenging environments. As a matter of fact, the Motorola Solutions R7 is comes with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity options. Therefore, those integrated features ensure your devices are future-proof as your systems expand. Please contact us for more information.

Technical Information

  • 64 Channels
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Enhanced Noise Cancellation (SINC +)
  • Mute Mode
  • Text To Speech
  • GNSS
  • Indoor Location
  • Audio Recording


Motorola R7 Two-Way Radio is also available in the Motorola R7 FKP Full-Keypad Digital Handheld Radio version. Please contact us for more information.


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