Peltor MT72H540P3E-50 Heavy Duty Headset with Helmet Attachment

Technical Information

The MT72H540P3E-50 is an ATEX approved twin cup headset with helmet attachment and a boom microphone. The product is compatible with the Motorola DP4401Ex and DP4801Ex radios. It is the exact same product as the Motorola PMLN6333A and has been certified for use by them for use with their products. Please contact us for more information.

  • Brand: Peltor
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MT72H540P3E-50
  • SKU MT72H540P3E-50
  • Group/Type: Headsets
  • Noise Cancelling Wind porting
  • Accessory Connector: None
  • Intrinsically Safe: PELTOR ATEX
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