NHS during COVID-19 - Case Study

Paramount Radio Communications supply products suitable to a wide range of industries such as Healthcare.

A vast number of healthcare workers need to communicate with their colleagues in other parts of a hospital complex. Actually, telecommunication equipment enable quick and open communication amongst employees. In fact, Two-Way Radios systems improve cooperation between experts too. Consequently, doctors and nurses would evaluate patient care decisions much faster. For those reasons, it is crucial for the personnel to operate with the proper equipment and support to improve their efficiency. 

The ability to successfully coordinate and maximize operations reliably, clearly, and instantaneously is essential to delivering care. Withal, performed by cross-functional teams in different locations. This is especially important when circumstances change or when responding to a major incident, emergency, evacuation or containment are implemented. You can also take a look to our NHS case study and see how we have contributed and supply during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please Note – You can read even more about our involvement and the way we engaged with the NHS in our Case Study below. Paramount’s teams supported the NHS by supplying Two-Way Radios during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hold an extensive range of walkie talkie radios from the leading brands. For further information on which Two-Way Radios are right for you, please Contact Us.

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