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Paramount Radio Communications supply products suitable to a wide range of industries such as Marine.

Two-Way Radios are essential for maritime and offshore enterprises. Whether it is to ensure the safety of all seafarers who venture out in the sea, offshore or on interior waterways. Therefore we offer a range of handheld VHF maritime radios which serve as a vital safety and security lifeline. So any staff members moving about the ship might use handheld units in addition to a stationary unit mounted where best fitted. Please note that, any safety measures and protocols implemented address both the crew and passengers, or any workforce present. Even in case of an emergency. Those are the reasons why we recommend either a handheld radio or a fixed device to meet this type of demand and according to the needs of our clients too. 

On top of that, marine and yacht communication systems must be able to endure the rigours of life at sea and reach huge distances. With that being said, those radios are primarily utilised for contacting marinas and harbours. Whilst also providing clear and reliable communication between ships and shores. Below, you will find our Southampton International Boat Show Case Study as well as Newsletter. Both share on how we provided in previous years in the Marine sector for customers.

We hold an extensive range of walkie talkie radios from the leading brands. For further information on which Two-Way Radios are right for you, please Contact Us.

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