Having your radio’s regularly maintained is a cost effective way of prolonging the life of the equipment and can keep the loss of safety critical communications down to an absolute minimum. Maintenance contracts can be taken out with us at any point – whether you have just purchased the radio or have owned it for some time.

Our maintenance packages are designed to offer a complete service package covering everything from basic two way radio repairs to full system maintenance with 24 hour cover. Whatever your requirements are we can tailor them to suit your needs and budget. A summary of the options available are as follows:

  • Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty: The lowest cost option. Most manufacturers offer extended warranty covering electrical faults and general wear and tear damages. The downside is that the equipment has to be sent away to them which can take some time.
  • Paramount Silver Maintenance: Receive all the benefits of the manufacturers extended warranty but also include minor physical damage, we’ll provide a faster response time and provide you with loan units so you are never short of communications.
  • Paramount Gold Maintenance: For clients who want complete peace of mind. Covers you against all faults and damages to not only the radios but also all accessories. An annual battery refresh is also included in the package.
  • System Infrastructure: Standard business hours or 24/7 cover depending on your requirements. Aside from required call outs, included in the package is an annual preventative maintenance check by our engineers even if the equipment is in good working order.

We can also advise on regulatory licencing requirements and apply for and support applications for Ofcom licencing.

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