We offer radio reprogramming and upgrades to the newest firmware. Whilst all radios we supply pre-programmed as per your requirements and delivered ready for use. Also, even if you may have older radios which you need reprogrammed and updated to utilise new features or work alongside newer radios.

Moreover, some programming may be done in-house. However, in most circumstances, as an organisation or company need to hire a licenced Two-Way Radios services provider. In order to have a working communications solution. Our team of engineer have the skills to program and reprogram Two-Way Radios from different brands such as Motorola, Hytera, Icom and of different models too.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to Two-Way Radios, programming is important. In that way, you train your radios to do your bidding. Then, in a single button the radio may configures features to work for hundreds of different things.

It is normally advisable to get the radios from a licenced source and have them program them. Although they typically programme your radios in as little as one day if you provide them with detailed information about how the radios function. Upon request, if one of your team member knows about reprogramming we provide you with everything you need to programme your own Two-Way Radios. This gives you the ability to control your own radio fleet. 

We hold an extensive range of walkie talkie radios from the leading brands. For further information on which Two-Way Radios are right for you, please Contact Us.

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