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What is Shop watch?

A Shop watch scheme set up and operated by a local council’s business crime reduction partnership (BCRP) or shopping centre’s crime prevention team and run alongside a Pub watch Scheme under the umbrella of a Town link crime prevention scheme. This page concentrates on the scheme, and talks about solutions that Paramount Radio Communications facilitate your Shop watch scheme.

This plan designed to help prevent daytime town/city centre crime and theft through the ability for shops and other businesses to communicate with one another directly using a Two-Way Radio system linked to the local council or shopping centre’s CCTV control rooms and sometimes even the local police force.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Usually Operates A Shop Watch Scheme?

Shop watch is usually operated by a business crime reduction partnership (BCRP) or business improvement district (BID) scheme, the local council, local community police force, local chamber of commerce, or the largest local shopping centre. Schemes sometimes regional, sometimes they are contained to the local area and other times to a single shopping centre.

Can I Set Up A Copwatch Scheme?

Yes. The reality is that anyone can setup a scheme. But there are a few things you’ll need including agreement from your council, local police and you must demonstrate, with evidence, local businesses support who have agreed to sign-up. If a Shop watch scheme already exists, you will be unable to setup another scheme without community support.

Can Paramount Radio Communications Help Me Setup A Shop watch Scheme?

Of course we can! But it’s best to have discussed and agreed your proposed scheme with the local community. Once you know the size (number of proposed members) of your intended scheme and the geographical area you will need to cover, Paramount Radio Communications offer advice on the two-way radio system your scheme needs.

We hold an extensive range of walkie talkie radios from the leading brands. For further information on which Two-Way Radios are right for you, please Contact Us.


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