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Hytera BL1703 TC-700P 1700mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

Hytera BL1703 is a genuine Hytera lithium-ion battery for the Hytera TC-700P two way radio.



Hytera CHV09 Vehicle Power Adapter

Hytera CHV09 Vehicle Power Adapter - The CHV09 is a vehicle power adapter for use with BD505 and BD555. Charger pod is required for use

Hytera CH10L07 Rapid-Rate Charger Pod



Hytera CH10L07 Rapid-Rate Charger Pod. Adopts the MCU programmable approach to charge batteries rapidly. The MCU can automatically determine the appropriate algorithm to charge different types of batteries

Hytera MCA03 6-unit Rapid Charger

Hytera MCA03 6-unit charger for the radios TC-700P and TC-780.
The 6-unit charger MCA03 makes it possible to simultaneously charge six batteries or six radios. By virtue of an automatic detection of the battery type and selection of the corresponding charging program, high efficiency is ensured and the charging process is monitored, which is also backed up by various security mechanisms. The charging station can either by placed on a surface or attached to a wall bracket. Power adapter and charging cable are included.

Hytera SM08M3 Remote Speaker Microphone

Hytera SM08M3 Remote Speaker Microphone. Hytera SM08M3 is a remote speaker microphone for the TC series of Hytera radios.

Hytera HYT BC08 PD405 PD415 PD505 PD505LF PD565 Belt Clip

Hytera BC08 is a genuine belt clip for PD405, PD415, PD505 & PD565 digital two way radios.




Hytera LCBY22 Leather case with belt loop

The Hytera case LCBY22 is made of sturdy leather and is furnished with a belt loop. It is designed for the analog radios TC-700P and TC-780.

Hytera LCBN13 Universal Nylon Chest Pack (Black)

The Hytera LCBN13 is a Universal Chest Pack, fitting all Hytera Radios. This Accesories comes in black and is made from Nylon. Note Radio not included.



Hytera PCN006 Nylon Waterproof Carry Case

Made from a tough transparent yellow nylon and rated to IP67 for submersibility the PCN006 will protect the Hytera PDC/PTC760 series radios from water damage.



Hytera PS1044 1A UK/EU Charger Power Supply

Hytera PS1044 is a 1A UK/EU power supply and is the logical long term replacement for the PS1016 UK and PS1018 EU power supplies.

Supported pods include CH10A03 (TC-610/620), CH10L19 (TC-446S), CH10A04 & CH10A07 (DP4/5/6/7) & CH20L06 / CH20L04 (PD985).