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Hytera BC19 PD715-Ex/PD795-Ex Belt Clip

Hytera BC19 is a belt clip for Hytera PD715-Ex and Hytera PD795-Ex ATEX digital two way radios.



Hytera RO04 Two Way Radio Hand Strap


Hytera RO04 is a genuine hand strap for PD7 series Hytera radios.

Hytera LCY005 Leather Carry Case with Swivel Belt Clip

Hytera LCY005 is a leather case for use with Hytera ATEX two way radios. Designed specifically for use with the Hytera PD715-Ex and Hytera PD795-Ex digital ATEX radios, the LCY005 is intrinsically safe ATEX rated and can be used with the ATEX radios safely in their intended environment. The case has a clear front for use with the PD795-Ex keypad. Supplied with a shoulder strap.

Hytera CH10A06 Twin PD405, DP505, PD605 & PD705 Series Charger

Hytera CH10A06 twin charger for the Hytera PD series radios. Hytera CH10A06 is a kit that includes the Hytera PS2005 2A power supply unit with UK 3-pin plug.



Hytera CHV09 Vehicle Power Adapter

Hytera CHV09 Vehicle Power Adapter - The CHV09 is a vehicle power adapter for use with BD505 and BD555. Charger pod is required for use.



Hytera MCA08 Six Way Hytera PD Charger

Hytera MCA08 six way charger for the PD4/5/6/7 series two way radios.



Hytera MCA05 Battery Charger Optimising System

Hytera MCA05 is six way charger & conditioner for Hytera radios.



Hytera BL1807-Ex 1800mAh Battery for PD715-Ex & PD795-Ex

Hytera BL1807-Ex is an intrisically safe lithium ion battery. BL1807-Ex has an 1800mAh capacity and is designed for use in the ATEX PD715-Ex and PD795-Ex intrinsically safe digital radios.

Note: This battery is only compatible with the ATEX PD7 Hytera radios. If you're looking for a battery for the PD705/755/785, please see the BL2008 or BL2503.



Hytera EBN10-Ex ATEX Bone Microphone Headset with PTT

ATEX Bone Microphone Headset with PTT part for use with PD715Ex/PD795Ex

Hytera POA62 Ex Heavy-duty headset (ATEX)

Hytera POA62 Ex Heavy-duty headset (ATEX) - Ideal for loud environments, noise reduction by 23 db. Earphone rubber ear pad for outstanding contact against the ear and wearing comfort. Adjustable band for secure and flexible wearing. Quick connect is compatible with most controllers or remote speaker microphones

Hytera SM24N1-Ex Remote Speaker Microphone with dual PTT Button

Remote speaker microphone with dual PTT button for increased comfort and convenience. The remote speaker microphone is compatible with intrinsically safe Hytera radios and bone-conduction earpieces.

Hytera LCBN13 Universal Nylon Chest Pack (Black)

The Hytera LCBN13 is a Universal Chest Pack, fitting all Hytera Radios. This Accesories comes in black and is made from Nylon. Note Radio not included.



Hytera PS7501 Power Supply Only For MCA08 Charger

Hytera PS7501 power supply (only) for Hytera MCA08 charger.