KENWOOD - NX-200SE / 300SE

VHF NEXEDGE Digital/Analogue Portable Radio (with GPS :GE versions only) - Full Keypad (EU Use)

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Available as NX-200GE (keypad + 6 control keys) and NX-200GE3 (6 control keys)
NXDN Digital Air Interface with AMBE+2 Vocoder for Natural Sounding Digital Voice
Built-in GPS Module requires KRA-43G GPS-capable antenna
Digital Conventional and Digital Trunking Modes
Autosenses Received Mode (Digital or Analogue). Operates in NXDN Digital Conventional and FM Analogue modes, even on the same channel
Digital Conventional and Digital Trunking Modes
Multi-Site Digital Trunking, up to 60000 GIDs and 60000 UIDs per Network
True 6.25 kHz channel spacing operation
Includes Radio-To-Radio Mode (no repeater needed)
Waterproof to IP67. MIL-STD 810F Certification
NX200GE / NX300GE : New version of the NX-200E with a high-quality GPS module factory-fitted (uses the internal Options port). All other features as the NX-200E