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The choice for professionals in hazardous environments – ATEX-approved TC-700 Ex PLUS.

RRP : £600
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What Paramount Says

"When being used in hazardous environments it is crucial that the radio you use is rugged and hardwearing. Motorola, HYT, Icom, Kenwood and Entel all feature ATEX radios in their portfolio so there is lots of choice available. Of the those five, there is always a slight question mark on the build quality of the Icom and Entel so either Motorola, HYT and Kenwood top the list in terms of ruggedness. In a like for like comparison there is not much difference between all three in terms of performance so the deciding factor may come down to price. HYT have priced this radio very competitively and it certainly represents the best value for money. There are however full keypad and display models available if you were looking for something more feature rich."

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Intrinsically safe: Radios for use in the potentially explosive environments of oil and gas installations, such as tankers or drilling platforms, or in gas-laden atmospheres encountered by the emergency services must be designed and constructed to be totally safe.

Hytera’s ATEX-approved professional portable radios give team members instant access to one or many colleagues at the touch of a button, without compromising safety, and allow constant contact should a critical situation need resolving.

Protection: Encapsulation (Casting Compound). Prevents the ignition of the surrounding explosive atmosphere.
Productivity: A rechargeable 1700mAh Li-Ion Ex-battery provides up to 14 hours of use, more than enough for a standard work shift.
Customisable: The intrinsically safe TC-700 are supported by a range of ATEX-approved audio accessories including, remote speaker microphone and earpieces tailored to the requirements of today’s radio users.
Safety: Press the highly visible Emergency button to initiate the defined emergency communications procedure.

Providing even greater safety for employees in hazardous environments, the TC-700 EX PLUS provides a mandown optional feature. This feature automatically summons assistance when the radio falls over for a predetermined time period.

The lone worker feature provides added security and safety for individuals who work remotely from their team. Should a user not respond to a regular warning tone then a defined emergency procedure is activated.

Safety Check: Should the user not respond to a safety check signal then a defined emergency procedure is activated. Additional safety features include a specially designed structure that prevents the battery and radio unit from accidental separation, thus cause hazard results.

Quality & Reliability: Hytera’s voice compander audio enhancement delivers superb clear, crisp sound, no matter what environment you are in.

When discretion is key, the Whisper feature means that even the quietest message can be transmitted and understood.

HDC2400TM and HDC1200 Singalling: Hytera HDC2400TM signaling system allows features including Identification, Calling Timer, Voice Storage, Retrieve Record, Individual Call, Group Call, Broadcast, Stun/Kill & Revive, Status Inquiry, Short Message and Data Transmission.