Light and Sleek

The Hytera PD565 VHF is a light and sleek, this radio is easy to use in analogue and digital modes. It has a compact size and is capable of reaching long communication distance which makes it ideal for a school or university campus. With all the benefits of digital and it's user friendly design, yet affordable, PD565 is particularly suitable for a cost effective migration to digital.

RRP : £276  
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What Paramount say

The PD565 radio is the screen version of Hytera’s hugely popular PD505. Both models are well built so as to provide good, reliable communications and yet small and lightweight enough to fit nicely in the hand. Featuring a higher capacity battery for longer day to day use and a more affordable price, they represent better value for money than their Motorola equivalents. The principle difference between the PD565 and the PD505 is the screen on the front. Normally radios are designed with screens because they have features inside them such as emergency functionality. The PD565 however doesn’t have these features but it is quite useful to use the screen to see what channel you are on.  

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Small, Sleek, Light : The size is 115 X 54 X 27mm, dual-color injection, weight is 260g.
Long Battery Life : In digital mode, PD56X operates at least 16 hours under a duty cycle of 5-5-90
Rugged & Reliable : It is compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards.

One Touch Call/Text : Supports One Touch features that comprise of Preprogrammed Text Messages, Voice Calls and Supplementary Features.

Dual Mode (Analog & Digital) : Dual modes (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth analog to digital migration.
Secure Communication : Provides basic digital encryption and Scrambler feature in analog mode.
Advanced Signaling : Supports multiple advanced analog signaling modes, including HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, providing better integration into existing analog radio fleets
DMRA Data Service : The data protocol is fully compliant to DMRA standard.
Pseudo Trunk : This virtual trunking feature allocates a free timeslot for urgent communications. This effectively enhances frequency efficiency and allows you to communicate in a timely manner in emergency situations.
DMO True 2-Slot : In DMO Hytera can provide 2-slot communication, which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency.