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This compact portable radio delivers a superior voice clarity and integrates well with Hytera applications. It has all the benefits of digital technology, yet it operates equally well in analogue mode. PD665 Display radio is a true migration radio. Easy to use, with a wealth of features, it is suitable for many market sectors

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What Paramount Says.

The PD665 is one of 3 radios (the others being the PD605 and PD685) which make up the PD6 Series - arguably Hytera’s best range of products to date. Boasting the same audio quality, range and power, the PD6 Series are approximately half the width of a standard size radio which means they can fit neatly into an inside jacket pocket which makes them ideal for covert use. Unlike some of their rival manufacturer’s products, they are also more hard wearing (thanks to their metal chassis build) and have a high tolerance against water and dust ingress. Featuring a large LCD screen on the front, the PD665 is designed for users who wish to have emergency functionality such as Man Down or Lone Worker added to their system. However, as with any ‘screen’ radio, there is always the risk that the screen can be damaged so this, together with its slim size, makes the product more suitable for hotels and universities than factories and construction sites.

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Full Band: Expanded frequency range of 400-527MHz.
Dual Mode (Analogue & Digital): Dual mode (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth analog to digital migration.
Secure Communication: Provides basic/advanced digital encryption and Scrambler feature in analog mode.
Advanced Signaling: Supports multiple advanced analog signaling modes, including HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, providing better integration into existing analog radio fleets.
DMRA Data Service: The data protocol is fully compliant to DMRA standard.
GPS Positioning : The built-in GPS module supports GIS applications.
Man Down : When a user falls down, the radio can automatically alert others.
Further Development Port: The reserved side port in PD60X allows users or any third party partner to further develop other helpful applications to extend radio functionalities.
One Touch Call/Text: Supports One Touch features that comprise of Preprogrammed Text Messages, Voice Calls and Supplementary Features.

PD685 supports input 256 character message via keyboard.

Supplementary Features: PD605 provides radio enable/disable (only decode), remoter monitor (only decode) and Priority Interrupt.
Radio Priority-Based Interruption: Enable an administration or manager radio to interrupt calls for emergency or urgent communication.
DMO True 2-Slot: In DMO Hytera can provide 2-slot communication, which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency