Compact, Light & Multi-Site Coverage.

Compact and light indoor repeater RD625 is a new addition to Hytera’s migration products. The innovative design allows easy wall-mount installation with AC/DC power. RD625 is a dual, analogue/digital repeater with embedded mini duplexer and power supply.

Analogue/digital back to back interconnect facilitates easy communication between analogue and digital users while telephone interconnect feature supports communication between radio and telephone users. With the IP port built in, RD625 is suitable for a multi-site coverage, both indoor and outdoor.

RRP : £1800
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What Paramount Says

The RD625 is a repeater unit used to power an aerial system which provides you with extended radio coverage. Most of these type of products are large, heavy and expensive but the RD625 is more cost effective, lighter in weight and small – so small in fact that you can even fit it in a rucksack. This makes it ideal for setting up temporary systems or fitting into spaces where it’s larger contemporaries can’t. Whilst it is doesn’t boast many of the features that say the Hytera RD985 does, more often than not these are not required for standard radio systems anyway. This makes the RD625 the market leader repeater for the majority of on-site radio systems.

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Multi-Sites via IP: Network connection via the IP port allows to create a wide-area private radio network for voice and data communication.
Analogue/Digital Back-to-Back Interconnect: Analogue/Digital operation enables analogue users to communicate to digital users and vice versa. This feature is particularly important for a smooth migration from analogue to digital world.
Digital Audio Streaming of Dual Time Slots: Streaming of 2 voice slots is possible via the rear port accessory pins, allowing for capability expansion via future development.
Multi CTCSS/CDCSS Decode: RD625 supports decoding up to a maximum of 16 CDCSS/CTCSS codes in analogue channels, allowing coverage for different analogue voice users from different groups
Analogue/Digital Telephone Interconnect: This feature allows a radio user to make a telephone call; or a telephone user to make either a group or private call to radio users.
AC/DC Auto Switch: RD625 integrates an internal power supply that supports a battery floating charge. The power supports 13.6V±15% DC and 90V-264V AC. If the AC power is cut off, the DC power (battery) automatically takes over without interruption.
Analogue/Digital Operating Modes: RD625 supports operation in Analogue and Digital modes.
Analogue/Digital Auto Switch: Analogue and Digital channel auto switching allows for efficient frequency sharing between Analogue and Digital users and an easy digital migration.
Analogue Scan: The RD625 supports analogue voice and signalling scan, allowing coverage for analogue voice users from different groups.
Repeater Diagnostic and Control (RDAC): RD625 supports remote IP connection to monitor, diagnose and control the repeater, thus increasing maintenance efficiency. The Hytera developed RDAC is able to support multiple master network connections to allow the radio administrator to monitor multiple radio networks.
All-In-One Compact Design: RD625 compact design, integrates RF, power supply, and duplexer into one box, which makes this repeater smaller, lighter, and easier for wall-mount installation and indoor coverage.
Repeater Access Management: RD625 supports a repeater access control feature allowing better security to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the radio network.