Portable & Compatible with DMR

RD965 is Hytera’s first digital/analog portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. Compact and embedded with a mini duplexer, the device is fairly wieldy. Equipped with a wide selection of components, RD965 easily fits into various application scenarios, whether on your back and a wall or in your suitcase and a cabinet.

It supports a range of power supply plans to guarantee uninterrupted communications during emergencies; its API and 100 Mbps network port combine to support an extended array of applications; the device provides IP67 protection, making it reliable in any hostile operating environment.

RRP : £1384
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Ergonomic Design: Slim and Portable. Based on a compact design, the device measures only 42mm and weighs less than 5kg, (include the 10Ah battery).
Flexible Applications: Fitted with a wide variety of components, the product can be desk or wall-mounted for in-building coverage, installed in a mobile suitcase or cabinet for emergency communications, or carried on the back for forest firefighting.
Built-in Duplexer: Embedded with an optional mini duplexer, RD965 can be slimmer in size.
External Battery: With an external large-capacity battery, the device delivers an extended battery life to guarantee uninterrupted communications.
Emergency Port: The port allows for power connection in emergencies.
IP67 Protection: Compatible with the IP67, the device can operate properly under immersion test (1meter for up to 30 minutes).
Reliable and Durable: Compatible with the American military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and HALTverified, the device can perform excellently in hostile operating environments.
User-friendly Panel: The operating panel provides a wide range of channel status indicators, a button for channel adjustment, and a port for palm microphone or remote speaker microphone.