Powerful Digital Repeater

As a professional repeater built to the DMR standard, RD985 integrates user concerns and actual requirements. Powerful digital feature, remarkable service quality and considerate ergonomic design - it will refresh communication experience!

RRP : £1750
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What Paramount say

"Normally there isn't much to say about a repeater. They're all roughly the size of a briefcase and either mounted to a wall or put in a rack. They work in either analogue or digital mode and quietly sit there for years chugging away providing you with more range and power for your radios. Hytera's RD785 however is a little bit different. This repeater automatically senses whether you are using analogue or digital radios and switches between modes accordingly. Before if you had an analogue system and were slowly migrating digital radios into it you would have to use the digital radios in analogue mode (which frankly is a bit of a waste of time). Now, with this repeater you get the best of both worlds. If you need a repeater for your radio system there is really not much point getting anything else but this."

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Smart Digital-Analogue Switch: This repeater supports digital and analogue modes. It can smartly select the right one based on the type of received signal.
Advanced TDMA Digital Technology: The application of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology greatly enhances spectrum efficiency, which allows twice the users compared with that of traditional FDMA which saves base station and frequency costs.
IP Multi Site Connect: Supports network interconnect via the IP port meaning you can add multiple locations to the same radio system.
Analogue/Digital Telephone Interconnect (via DTMF Signalling): Supports simplex voice communications between radio and telephone users. It allows a radio user to make a telephone call or a telephone user to make either a Group or Private call to radio users.