User Friendly & Durable Design 

The new TK-3401D changes the game - a new digital PMR446 radio with 16 separate digital channels, increased range, clarity and security bringing leadership in its field.

What Paramount Says
"Kenwood would be the first to acknowledge that they may have made mistakes elsewhere, but one place they have always excelled in is the licence free radio market. Released in May 2014 at the same time as it's sister radio (the TK-3501) the TK-3401 combines Kenwood's traditional solid build, hard wearing reliability whilst keeping one eye on the future by adding both digital and analogue capability. The launch of both radios at the same time also allows the customer to choose between cost and performance. The TK-3501 is cheaper but the TK-3401 is digital capable allowing for a clearer transmission. Don't be fooled in by the "9km wide range" Kenwood boast about in their brochure though - this is complete pie in the sky. One tenth of this distance would be more realistic."

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Hassle-free with no license required
ETSI TS102 490 compliant dPMR 446s
Dual mode (user selectable analogue/digital) hand portable built on the dPMR446 protocol
FDMA 4-Level FSK modulation enables highly efficient 6.25 kHz frequency use
32-ch/2-zone for congestion-free communications: (16ch perZone)
Zone 1: PMR446 16ch (446.000-446.100MHz)
Zone 2: dPMR446 16ch (446.100-446.200MHz)
Extended range and improved radio interference performance
Loud and clear digital communications 
Rugged and durable
TK-3301 (Cancelled radio)  accessories are compatible with this model