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Hytera EHN17 PD705 PD785 Lapel Microphone & PTT C-Shape Earpiece

Hytera EHN17 is a genuine earpiece kit containing the ACN-01 PD7 connector, label, microphone and the ECH-01 C-cup earpiece.



Hytera EAN23 PD705 & PD785 Covert Earpiece

Hytera EAN23 is the genuine Hytera covert acoustic tube earpiece for use by security guards.



Hytera EWN09 Digital wireless monitoring headset

Hytera EWN09 Headset - For the PD705/PD705G, the PD785/PD785G and the PT580H. 
Wireless earphone, neck loop, microphone and PTT ideal for discreet communication (Beige)



Hytera PC38 Programming cable (USB to serial)

Hytera PC38 Programming cable (USB to serial)