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KENWOOD - TK-7360E / TK-8360E

VHF Compact Synthesized FM Mobile Transceiver

KENWOOD - TK-7302E / TK8302E

VHF Compact Synthesized FM Mobile Transceiver 

Vertex - EVX-S24

Feature Rich & Precise

The EVX-S24 is Vertex Standard’s newest radio with precision, feature-rich engineering and a compact design. It delivers value, quality and uniqueness to the market and comes in a choice of colour; either black or yellow.

The radio operates in both analogue and digital modes and can be used with any existing analogue two-way radio system. This makes it perfect in assisting the transition from analogue to digital. The portables can operate in direct mode enabling two communication paths without the need for a repeater.

With its rich portfolio of features, the EVX-S24 is well suited across the market place, particularly in fields such as Education, Retail and Hospitality.