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Hytera NCN009-C Covert Two Shoulder Harness



Hytera NCN009-C Covert Two Shoulder Harness. Two shoulder harness designed for concealed carrying of radios. An ideal product for covert operational needs.

Hytera PCN005 Belt Case with Clip

Hytera carrying case with clip. Covert and convenient design ideal for hands-free operation

Hytera CH10L15 MCU Rapid Charger (X1E, X1P)

The Hytera CH10L15 is an MCU rapid charger for use with Li-Ion batteries and the Hytera X1E and X1P two way radios.

Hytera MCA05-X Battery Optimizing System

Hytera battery Optimizing System for use with X1e and X1p.

Hytera MCA08 Six Way Hytera PD Charger

Hytera MCA08 six way charger for the PD4/5/6/7 series two way radios.



Hytera CHV09 Vehicle Power Adapter

Hytera CHV09 Vehicle Power Adapter - The CHV09 is a vehicle power adapter for use with BD505 and BD555. Charger pod is required for use.



Hytera BL1719 HYT TC-446S 1650mAh Li-Ion Battery


Hytera BL1719 is a standard 1650mAh lithium battery for the Hytera HYT TC-446S two way radio.

Compatibility: The BL1719 is compatible with the TC-446S, TC-518,TC-580 radios. BL1719 is NOT compatible with the older TC446 model.

Lower Power Version Available: We also do a lighter, lower power, version of this battery. Please see the BL1301 1300mAh battery.



Hytera BL1809 1800mAh Li-Ion Battery (X1E, X1P)


The BL1809 is a 1800mAh Li-Ion battery for the Hytera X1E and X1P. Built to IP67 compliance the battery has a full Ingres protection against dust whilst also being safeguarded against submerssion in water, the BL1809 is capable of operating for 15 hours whilst in digital mode.



Hytera SM26N2 IP57 Microphone With 3.5mm Earpiece Jack

The Hytera SM26N2 is a remote speaker microphone for the PD605, PD665 and PD685 as well as the X1e and X1p covert radios. This microphone has an ingress resistance rating of IP57 and has a 3.5mm earpiece socket. If a fully waterproof microphone is needed, see the Hytera SM26N1 microphone.

Hytera ECN21 Noise Cancellation / Protection Headset

Hytera ECN21 Noise Cancellation / Protection Headset - Heavy duty headset with microphone, offering noise protection with in-built speakers, protecting your hearing and allowing the user to operate the radio in noisy environments.



Hytera ADN-01 Bluetooth Adapter

Hytera ADN-01 Bluetooth Adapter - IP54 compliant bluetooth adapter for DMR and TETRA handheld radios provides convenience and hassle free communication between the radio and audio accessories.



Hytera ESW01-N1 Wireless Adapter & Earpiece Package

Hytera ESW01-N1 is a wireless earpiece package containing Hytera ADN-01 adapter and a Hytera ESW01 wireless earpiece. Hytera ESW01-N2 is compatible with the PD705LT, PD705, PD755, PD785 and PD985 two way radios.

Hytera ESW01-N1 is designed for the PD705LT, PD705, PD755, PD785, PD985 radios, we also stock the Hytera ESW01-N2 which is for the PD605 series radios.



Hytera ES-01 Earbud without Earpiece (Receive-Only)

Hytera ES-01 Earbud without Earpiece (Receive-Only). Reliable and ergonomically designed earbud to be used with various base sets. 3.5mm jack plug.

Hytera EAN21 3-Wire Earpiece with Acoustic Tube, Microphone and PTT (Beige)

Hytera EAN21 3-wire earpiece with detachable acoustic tube, clip, separate PTT and microphone for discreet communication (Beige)



Hytera EWN11 Digital Wireless Covert Earpiece (Flatpack Sensor)

Digital Wireless Covert Earpiece (Flatpack Sensor) for use with X1e and X1p

Product code: EWN11



Hytera POA42 Covert Wireless Earpiece Receiver

Hytera POA42 Covert Wireless Earpiece Receiver. Ideal for covert communication; the wireless earpiece reciever fits in the ear canal and can be used with TETRA handheld radios and handheld radios in the PD7, PD9 and X1 series.



Hytera EHW02 Bluetooth Earpiece with Dual PTT

Hytera EHW02 Bluetooth Earpiece with Dual PTT - Bluetooth earpiece with dual PTT button enables various operating modes and the integrated DSP noise reduction technology ensures high quality audio transmission in noisy operating environments

Hytera POA47 Bluetooth PTT with two programmable keys

Small and discreet designed Bluetooth PTT for covert and convenient communication. Two programmable keys can be programmed with volume and channel up and down functions via CPS.