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Hytera BL1301 HYT TC-446S Li-Ion 2300 mAh Battery

Hytera BL1301 is a standard 1300mAh lithium battery for the Hytera HYT TC-446S two way radio.

Compatibility: The BL1301 is compatible with the TC-446S, TC-518,TC-580 radios. BL1301 is NOT compatible with the older TC446 model.

Higher Power Version Available: We also do a higher power version of this battery. Please see the BL1719 1650mAh battery.



Hytera PS1044 1A UK/EU Charger Power Supply

Hytera PS1044 is a 1A UK/EU power supply and is the logical long term replacement for the PS1016 UK and PS1018 EU power supplies.

Supported pods include CH10A03 (TC-610/620), CH10L19 (TC-446S), CH10A04 & CH10A07 (DP4/5/6/7) & CH20L06 / CH20L04 (PD985).



Hytera AN0148H04 Stubby antenna 144-154Mhz (VHF)

The stubby antenna AN0148H04 operates in the VHF range and is ideal for radios that are to be carried in a concealed manner like X1 radios or radios of the PD6 series.

Helical antennas with a brass core are durable and designed for years of reliable, secure communication. Stubby antennas like these are especially ideal if the radio is carried on the belt because they are short and thereby make handling easier.




Hytera VHF stubby Antenna for covert radio, SMA-male 9cm,153-164MHz/1575MHz





Hytera AN0168H01 VHF stubby Antenna 163-174MHz

Hytera AN0168H01 VHF stubby Antenna 163-174MHz



Hytera AN0485H13 PD6 / X1 Series Antenna UHF

Hytera AN0485H13 PD6 / X1 Series Antenna UHF



Hytera AN0435H18 400-470MHz UHF Stubby Antenna PD605 PD665 PD685

Hytera AN0435H18 400-470MHz 9cm UHF Stubby Antenna For PD605 PD665 PD685



Hytera AN0435W11 Titanium antenna (UHF/GPS)

For DMR radios of the PD6 and the X1 series. The UHF and GPS antenna AN0435W11 is made of titanium. Its particular material properties make the antenna especially flexible.



Hytera POA107 Charger for the ESW01

With the compact charger POA107 you can charge the wireless headset ESW01 with a micro USB cable. This is an alternative to loading with adapters ADN-01 or ADN-02.



Hytera SM24N4 Speaker microphone with dual PTT

The Hytera SM24N4 is a versatile loudspeaker microphone for the PD6 and X1 series and is protected against dust and moisture in accordance with IP67. The microphone is an omnidirectional electret microphone.



Hytera POA66 Large PTT button

The large Hytera POA66 PTT button for the handheld radios from the PD6 and X1 series makes communication easier for people wearing gloves. It has been designed so that the risk of accidentally pressing the PTT button is minor. The POA66 can also be worn in pockets, under clothing and even inside protective suits.



Hytera SM26N1 IP67 Waterproof Microphone

The Hytera SM26N1 is a remote speaker microphone for the PD605, PD665 and PD685 as well as the X1e and X1p covert radios. This microphone has an ingress resistance rating of IP67, does not have an earpiece socket, and is submersible. If a 3.5mm earpiece socket is needed, see the Hytera SM26N2 microphone.



Hytera ESW01-N2 Wireless Adapter & Earpiece Package

Hytera ESW01-N2 is a wireless earpiece package containing Hytera ADN-02 adapter and a Hytera ESW01 wireless earpiece. Hytera ESW01-N2 is compatible with the PD605, P665, PD685, X1e & X1p series of two way radios.

Hytera ESW01-N2 is designed for the PD605, P665, PD685, X1e & X1p radios, we also stock the Hytera ESW01-N1 which is for the PD705LT, PD705, PD755, PD785, PD985 radios.



Hytera POA47 Bluetooth PTT with two programmable keys

Small and discreet designed Bluetooth PTT for covert and convenient communication. Two programmable keys can be programmed with volume and channel up and down functions via CPS.



Hytera ESN14 Earbud with PTT & Mic for PD6 Radios

Hytera ESN14 is an earbud earpiece with PTT and microphone for Hytera PD6 series DMR radios including PD605, PD665 & PD685, but also works with the Hytera X1e and Hytera X1p covert radios.



Hytera EAN21 3-Wire Earpiece with Acoustic Tube, Microphone and PTT (Beige)

Hytera EAN21 3-wire earpiece with detachable acoustic tube, clip, separate PTT and microphone for discreet communication (Beige)



Hytera EAN24 Acoustic Tube Earpiece and In-Line PTT (Black)

The EAN24 is an acoustic tube earpiece with in-line push to talk button for use with the Hytera PD6 range.



Hytera EWN11 Digital Wireless Covert Earpiece (Flatpack Sensor)

Digital Wireless Covert Earpiece (Flatpack Sensor) for use with X1e and X1p

Product code: EWN11



Hytera PC45 PD605 PD665 PD685 X1e X1p USB Programming Lead Cable

Hytera PC45 is a USB programming lead for the PD6 series digital DMR radios including PD605, PD665 & PD685, but also works with the Hytera X1e and Hytera X1p covert radios.

Please note: This is a programming cable only. If you need the DMR software for the PD500 series, please see the Hytera DMR CPS programing software.



Covert Earpiece for Hytera PD605, PD665, PD685 Digital Radio

Paramounts own Covert Earpiece for Hytera PD605, PD665, PD685 Digital Radio.