Edesix Motorola The VideoTag VT-50 Bodycam

Discreet incident recording device

The VT-50 is a small and discreet incident recording device ideal for public facing businesses and security functions.

Edesix is a leading technical solutions provider, specialising in scalable Body Worn Camera Solutions that is now owned by Motorola Solutions



RRP - £215
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Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 22.5mm
8GB Storage Capacity
Up to 2 hours recording time or 1 hour live streaming. Can be connected to an external power pack for longer record times.
Wide angle 130 degree field view
1280p x 720p HD, H.264 video encoding
Wide angle 130 degree field view
Under 3 hours battery recharging time
VideoTag wearer cannot access, view or delete any recordings, only VideoManager.