Entel DN495 PoC Cellular Radio

Practically Unlimited Range

DN400 radios deliver instantaneous PTT calling over national cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Entel’s multi-network unsteered roaming SIM offers the very best network access and coverage.

The DN400 4G LTE Wi-Fi PoC radios combine the best of traditional PTT (push-to-talk) with national cellular network operation for best-in-class performance plus Removing the need for costly radio licensing and potential channel interference from other radio users

The DN series delivers 3 watts of crystal-clear audio quality and volumes exceeding radios twice their size. 

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Cost Effective
With no need for your own expensive infrastructure, Entel’s simple pricing options are especially attractive when compared to traditional two-way radio systems.
IP68 Commercial Grade Construction
Exceeding MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F/G and IP68 2 metres, 4 hours submersible, DN400 radios undergo rigorous lifecycle testing and are designed to deliver many years of trouble-free use, even in the most demanding of environments.
Emergency Features
As standard: DN400 supports Emergency button, Lone-Worker and Man-Down, with automatic transmission of the radio's GPS location.
Drop-In Charger
DN400 radios are supplied with a rapid, drop-in charger as standard.
High Contrast OLED
DN400’s OLED display provides exceptional readability in all conditions
17-Hour Battery Endurance
From a single charge, DN400 radios deliver a market-leading battery endurance time of up to 17 hours.
Ultra-Compact and Loud!
DN400 radios are the most robust, compact commercial Grade LTE radios available today. Despite their compact size they produce outstanding audio clarity and volume levels, exceeding radios twice their size.
Simple to Advanced
DN400 radio configuration options to suit your needs – from simple push-to-talk (PTT) to incorporating its advanced two-way radio system features.
No Limitations
The DN400 enables your workforce to make a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous calls
No License, No Interference!
Operating on national cellular and Wi-Fi networks, we have removed the need for costly radio licenses and risk of channel interference.
Ready To Go
DN400 radios are supplied preconfigured and ready for use. Just unpack, charge and go!
Rapid Deployment
DN400 radios can be set up and deployed in just a few hours. Perfect for applications such as highways maintenance, last-minute event hire, logistics, etc.
Emergency Features
DN400 supports an Emergency button, Lone-Worker and Man-Down features with automatic transmission of the radio's precise location.