Handheld Metal Detector Security Wands


Metal Detector Wand Hire from Paramount Radio Communications couldn’t be easier, these Handheld Security Scanners come ready to use with no additional equipment required.

These easy-to-use Handheld Scanners detect metal objects inside people's pockets, clothing and bags. Security Check for Concealed Weapons without the need for an intrusive "contact search".

The Security Wand can be used in airports, schools, nightclubs, bars, retail outlets, festivals, warehouses, conferences and all types of General Security Screening.

Often, the presence of these Metal Scanner Wands is enough to deter people from attempting to enter the secure area whilst concealing a metal weapon. Handheld Metal Detector Wands for Hire.

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Simple to use hand-held security wand
Detects Metal Objects in clothing, pockets, bags
Audible or "silent vibrate" alert modes
Rechargeable battery provided
Lightweight at only 500 grams
42cm long