Charge-free, Lightweight & Tough

With the TC-446S Licence free radio, you can enjoy simple charge-free communications. Featuring a tough design and exceptionally strong chassis, the TC-446S can survive the harshest conditions. However it is also lightweight and can be carried around easily. As standard, the TC-446S also comes equipped with a 1650mAH battery which enables longer battery life.

RRP : £145
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What Paramount Says

"In terms of price against performance, the TC446S is probably Hytera's best licence free radio. Available at a cost effective price, this radio is lightweight and very easy to carry around. However it is also features a well built, rugged housing which makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Unlike many others licence free products, it's also available to buy without a charger which is handy if you already have six way chargers in use. Ideal for people working in light industrial environments such as schools, leisure centres and retail who do not need a radio licence. All in all a very decent radio."

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License-free Radio: With TC-446S, you can enjoy charge-free communication easily.
Light Weight and Tough Design: TC-446S has a light-weight but exceptionally strong body, allowing it to be carried about easily and to survive harsh conditions.
Longer Battery Life: TC-446S is equipped with a 1650mAh battery that enables you to transmit and receive, on a 5-5-90 basis, for up to 24 hours.
Enhanced Voice Quality: TC-446S employs advanced voice technologies to better the sound quality during your communication.