Affordable Digital Radio In Smartphone Format

The PD365 from Hytera is a business radio in pocket format. The compact design and intuitive operation make this DMR handheld your companion for reliable digital radio communication. With it's small, compact design and weight of only 160g, it can be carried conveniently even on long working days. This radio is available in both professional and licence free formats.

With most people now used to carrying smart phones around with them on a day to day basis, Hytera have come up with the innovative idea of designing a smartphone-like two way radio. Gone are the heavy, bulky models of days gone by and in it's place a product which can easily be slipped inside a pocket and carried around with you all day. The downside is that what can easily slip into a pocket can just as easily slip out which means a greater risk of the radio being accidently dropped. The screen's cover is well protected but you should expect damages to occur from time to time - particularly if dropped on hard floors. The other drawback is the range is compromised by the small aerial but any standard sized aerial would defeat the whole smart phone idea. As a result we have a perfectly good little radio which is easy to carry around and is perfect for indoor, office environment type use. 

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Pocket-size design and easy to carry
Four programmable buttons
Micro USB port for easy charging
Radio more compact through creative antenna design
In digital mode radio operates up to 12 hours
Dual mode ensures smooth migration from analogue to digital
Voice communication includes private, group and all call
Work and user groups can be configured to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency
Radios can be enabled to continuously scan each analogue and digital channel
Supports messaging with up to 64 characters
Supports a one touch feature for pre-programmed text messages and voice calls
High quality speaker for clear audio
Cost-effective digital experience